Nexus’s panel of Dental Experts help fellow Dentists with the business side of dentistry, so they can prosper through retained earnings and equity.

Here are questions every dentist should pose: What is the direction of The Profession of Dentistry? Is it doomed to end up like Pharmacy, Optometry, or even Medicine? Will its direction be controlled by businessmen or guided by ethical dentists?

How can Private Dentists compete with the Dental Management Service Organization (DMSO)? While the Nexus Model has developed precise methods to address this very question, it will be up to dentists as a cumulative to take action and determine our future. 

Dentistry is challenging.  You are an Artist, an Architect, an Entrepreneur, a Physicist, a Surgeon, a Therapist, a Marketing Professional, a Purchasing Agent, a Lease Negotiator, and the CEO of your practice.  There are too many other hats to wear.  Nobody is born with the skills to run the perfect practice, but you can easily implement Proven Systems for your HR management, overhead & cash flow, new and existing patient marketing, and every other universal challenge dentistry presents.

You need not blaze new trails in dentistry or give up the benefits of owning your business. At Nexus, you have the dentists who have succeeded at your fingertips. Their experience and knowledge will help you avoid common pitfalls and place you on the fast track to happiness and financial success.  Happiness must come first, because if your patients, you, and your staff are not enjoying dentistry, the money cannot come. Nexus is a service provided by dentists for the benefit of dentists. Doctors who follow the proven Nexus path to success are reaping the financial rewards dentistry can offer, but more importantly, they look forward to the time in the office as the struggles have been replaced with a happy, stress-free, and streamlined system that eliminates: 


  Staff discourse caused by overlapping spheres of responsibility.
  Lost revenues arising from cancellations, TX plan rejection, and lack of new patients.
  Practice stagnation created by a “Status Quo” practice atmosphere.
  Low profitability due to the absence of a structured system by the numbers.
  Lack of referrals by patients who are not enthusiastic about your practice.
  Commonly overlooked revenues you may be referring away.
  Absence of adequate tracking tools to monitor your practice.


At Nexus we believe the perfect practice is a powerhouse of positive “team oriented” energy that benefits every player.  We remove those things that are holding your practice’s joy and prosperity back and provide easily implemented programs that guarantee success.  See what our client-doctors are saying on our Testimonials page.

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